Thursday, 14 April 2011

Below are sum pictures/ scans of by collages!

I got to borrow some technology from corey today.

yey, thanks corey.

so now here are scanned and photographed pictures of some of the collages ive made over the last 8 months or so.,..

some are posters for shows, covers for zines, pages in zines, random collages for no reason, some are upside down (sorry)


oh yeah, and some go with poems/ songs so i will add those when im not hogging corey;s computer while he waits to do school stuff...

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Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A random Entry

Today is Sunday. I'm working 'til midnight

I 've almost finished the song i wrote the other day.
here it is up to now...

Solstice in the Vine

When I'm on my way
I see scarecrows
Scapegoats trying to lead me astray
But it aint news to me to keep a sharp, steady head
why would i want to be a robot instead?

I have a brain that thinks
And i can blink
Neutral networks; infiniti on the brink
Somteimes you can find the ground and sink
It may be news to you- you choose solace or a holy stink

You're on your way now
I see it surrounds you
double rainbow, astronaut gnomes drip virtue

There is a rapture, a grail grind of the mind
Occurances of eppiphany find solstace in the vine
Please find a reciprocal place
leave a trace, if we are not together we are diplaced

When you're on your way
you'll see arrows
narrow gateways to ancient streams
feed the seed belief residces inside the mind
leave these made-up paradigm screens behind

You're on your way now
I see it surrounds you
double rainbow, astronaut gnomes drip virtue

this week i have been steaping myself in afrobeat,
listening to Hugh Masakela, Fela Kuti, Soul Jazz Orchestra, Budos Band, and has been very relaxing. I find afrobeat very calming and organic.

Ive also been doing alot of open mics: i did common ground open mic on Sunday, Brandee's on Tuesday, and Grad Club open mic on Wednesday..... so far this coming week i think it'll just be Brandee's.

here are some pieces of songs ive been working on.
Usually after a night of random jamming on the guitar with paper around, i have a bunch of songs started but unfinished. Sometimes they're left for a year and then i find them and do something with them. Other times, they are left behind and never seen again. And sometimes the next day i get into that same groove and complete sum songs from the night before. I have no clue what will happen to these , but now at least they will live on here and if i forget about them i'll know where to find them...

*funk riff*

im gonna lay it down tonight
funkafied dressed up boogie delight
i dont care who's wrong or right
i do my thing and there's not need to fight
shake it down, drop the sour face
there's no better place to cure you then in the music space

East Coast Pirate Song (Drifter's Life For Me)

looking out from shore
we found our lives a bore
so we sailed to sea to find our fee
 to the life that'd give us more

we sat down by the fire
sharpin' plans we would conspire
yeah the shore line broke and the pleasant folk
they rode out in a bellied choir :

"it's a drifter's life for me
give me rags and let me be
for a luxury's game brings you nothin but fame
and a sore head all the same"

the mother of tha land
she gave us barley from her hand
but the caves were chilly for the folks unwilling
so we left and made new plans

Some treasure's never found
some treasure's underground
some treasure's worth nothin
to greedy little muffin
who's just looking to be crown'd

"it's a drifter's life for me
give me rags and let me be
for a luxury's game brings you nothin but fame
and a sore head all the same"


Ben had his way all the time.
He slipped into consiousness once and a while
There's no time here to talk about his rudimentary style
when he came around there was a whisper that spread for miles


im gonna try to get sum pictures of my collages on here soon.
i dont have a scanner or internet though so it may be difficult.
we'll see i guess

sorry if this entry sux

i have been busy

when the light s dim and your mind flickers like a flame
i'll be around to remind you of your name

i saw him in a dream
he said 'where you going to now?"
I shrugged my shoulders
he tipped his hat and bowed
ten days later
he came back smiling
he said 'if you're not living
you're too busy dying"

keep an eye out for JukeBox County- a band that will be hittin the city this summer.


Friday, 1 April 2011

A wink within a blink

If you are reading this Dan, dont worry, you are not a robot. Nor are you trapped in a black hole.
Let the music lend a hand and we will create art at the crash site.

I would like to be remembered as an inventor of sanwiches.

cinnamin goes well with toast and honey. but when you pull out the honey and cream cheese on toast, leave the cinnamin out!

i'll tell you a story about a man named Joyce
you could see angel gypsy birds when he used his voice
he was the tour of the town in a balloon rolls royce
but he'd trade it in for a monkey if he ever got the choice.

is it fact or fiction that way you utilize your diction to form predictions in my head?
don't hynotize the soldiers, they are easily led.. they are timid and impressionable. they stand in single file and do jumping jacks in unison.

if limestone can turn into a monster, kingston is fucked.
jack grace wears  a hat- that could not have been him.
he peeked in the door but didnt come in.
he's playing here in a week or so.
new york city is about 8 hours away (that's where he's from)
one time i saw him on stage with luther wright.
they played a neil young song.
i sang along but i didnt know the words.

im a one man line, standing by the door.
inside the karaokee kings and queens
scream their heart-felt song choices
free birds trace the stars and raise the bar for
the next generation

dog-walker give me a sign

long jam
suffering and smiling
strut organ
party !! (two)