Friday, 1 April 2011

A wink within a blink

If you are reading this Dan, dont worry, you are not a robot. Nor are you trapped in a black hole.
Let the music lend a hand and we will create art at the crash site.

I would like to be remembered as an inventor of sanwiches.

cinnamin goes well with toast and honey. but when you pull out the honey and cream cheese on toast, leave the cinnamin out!

i'll tell you a story about a man named Joyce
you could see angel gypsy birds when he used his voice
he was the tour of the town in a balloon rolls royce
but he'd trade it in for a monkey if he ever got the choice.

is it fact or fiction that way you utilize your diction to form predictions in my head?
don't hynotize the soldiers, they are easily led.. they are timid and impressionable. they stand in single file and do jumping jacks in unison.

if limestone can turn into a monster, kingston is fucked.
jack grace wears  a hat- that could not have been him.
he peeked in the door but didnt come in.
he's playing here in a week or so.
new york city is about 8 hours away (that's where he's from)
one time i saw him on stage with luther wright.
they played a neil young song.
i sang along but i didnt know the words.

im a one man line, standing by the door.
inside the karaokee kings and queens
scream their heart-felt song choices
free birds trace the stars and raise the bar for
the next generation

dog-walker give me a sign

long jam
suffering and smiling
strut organ
party !! (two)

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