Tuesday, 16 August 2011

...its been a while

I havent been on this blog for a while. Sorry.
I have been very productive though: been writing songs and playing music, working, making collages...you know, the usual thing i guess.
I'm going to post some new songs here for you to enjoy.
There's also alot of stuff coming up in Kingston so I'll talk about those events and things in the next few weeks i hope.
My band, JukeBox County, is playing a show in Kingston  (at the mansion) on Sept 7th with two out of town bands and then in Ottawa on Sept 15th at Cafe Dekcuf with The Guilty Minds....that will be a good one!!!
Come out t oone of those shows if you are in either of those towns!!
This is a gospel-type, kinda darker song. I started writing it at the Blue SKies Festival (which was awsome) during a gospel workshop there. I had to walk away and find a quiet area 'cause this song came into my head and I had to go with it... enjoy!

Mommas headin’ out

Mommas goin down to the crossroads
Gonna  make a deal for us all
mommas headin’ down to the crossroads
Says we’re missin’ his call

Well a sacrifice
Won’t make it right
But the devil’s got us in his sight

One by one to the crossroads
And mommas settin’ out tonight

Don’t you throw that life away
don’t you head on out tonight
dark days run astray
‘Til we learn to embrace the light
‘Til we learn to embrace the light

John’s headin’ out to the dark-house
Shake the demons outta his head
Gonna find refuge at the dark-house
That’s what the preacher said

Gonna sell his soul
Just to pay the toll
Cold rock walls, means to console

A quick fix up at the darkhouse
But Johnny won’t be comin’ home

Don’t you throw that life away
don’t you head on out tonight
dark days run astray
Til we learn to embrace the light
Til we learn to embrace the light

Unholy men, they preach beliefs
They seed the fields to kill the thief
And in their eyes, they catch the sky
Turnin’ round to find the past is blind

Pappas headin’ down to the cellar
Grabbing his rifle and cross
Dusty bible lies hidden in the cellar
Then through fields of dewy moss

Well he’ll hunt him down
Like a crazed blood hound
make his way to the underground

Pappa’s gone huntin’ for the devil
‘aint stoppin’ ‘til momma’s found

Don’t you throw that life away
don’t you head on out tonight
dark days run astray
Til we learn to embrace the light
Til we learn to embrace the light

 thats all for now

Monday, 13 June 2011

Mister Fix-it

I wrote this song with my daughter on Saturday.
It it the first official song that we wrote together.
There will be more.
I dit it.

Silly mister fix-it
he works on it all
from the toy factory
to the upscale mall

come right here
we want a souvenire
do you have one mister fix-it?

he fixes the piano and the bell
he fixes our bass drum really really well
he fixes our house; the roof and the bed
he mends our staircase and our broken heads

but thats not all
theres more to be done
will he have time to fix the mo(u)rning sun?

i dont know
time will show
ask the crow
by the crooked rainbow

everything's slanted in the world today
so mister fix-it has a busy day
he works with a hammer and a wrench
and has the world's biggest work bench

you did it mister fix-it!
you're almost done
if people were numbers, you'd be number 1!

when the harmonica breaks
theres alot at stake
the band keeps playing
and for goodness sakes

hopefully he'll show up
and place it back together
he makes a hundred calls a day
no matter what the weather

oh mister fix-it
you're tired and sore
who's gonna fix ya
when you can't fix no more?

we'll help out
thats what its all about
give us a shout!
we can all help out!

you pay your dues
dog chews the fuse
you make it in the news
you're the one we choose

you clear our eyes of tears
you steer us from our fears
the sky waits for years
for you to take ahold and steer

mr fix-it, you really pulled through
you saved the zebra at the downtown zoo
you saved us too
re-patched my shoes
cured my blues
with a fresh point of view

thanks mister fix -it


This one isn't quite done yet but i figured i would post it as it is so far...

Old king cole
Help a bucket on his toe
Kept his laces real tight
And stayed up all night

The servants had to keep up
With his surly disposition
The people kept up to date
With his daily transitions

Old mother goose
Couldn’t choose the next rhyme
Running out of time
She must have stolen one of mine

‘Cause the lady in the boot
Said she stashed her stack of loot
Leaving town, touchin’ down
With her techni-colored suit

Jack chased Jill and they fell down the hill
I said hey diddle diddle they cracked the cat’s fiddle
And the spoon and dish made a wish upon the moon
For little miss muffet but it came too soon

Humpty dumpty broke down today
Jumped off a fence because he couldn’t have his way

Mary broke the rules
Stole a lamb from the fools
3 bags of wool
Sat on a hickory stool


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Free Radio June 11/11 set list

Yuka                              School Girls
Souljazz Orchestra         grasshopper and toad
Yuka                              got a ticket
George Symonette         Dont touch me tomato
Ween                             Bananas and Blow
Fela Kuti                        Go slow
The Guilty Minds          High Water
Captain Beefheart          Who do you think you're fooling
The Guilty Minds           Rewind
Fats Domino                   Blue Monday
The Watters Brothers      Lost Underground
SouJazz Orchestra          Mista President
Traffic                             Paper Sun

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Free Radio Set List (June 4/11)

10pm Saturdays on www.CFRC.ca or 101.9FM on your old school radio device.

Yuka                                                   Dirty Bird
Mackenzie Rhythm Section              Acabo
Ween                                                  Monique the Freak
Rolling Stones                                   Shake Your Hips
Brian Jonestown Massacre               Who fuckin pissed in my well
SoulJazz Orhcestra                            BBQ ribs and Fried Chicken
Yuka                                                  Slow Grove
(above song with some timothy leary dialogue)
Naomi Shelton / Gospel Queens       What have you Done
Brian Jonestown Massacre                Tempo 116.7
(above song mixed with random moon talk)
Robert Johnson                                   Come on in my kitchen
The Blue Rhythm Boys                      Crazy Mixed up World
Ween                                                  Your Party

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


that's right! SoulJazz is coming to Kingston for this year's Skeleton Park Music Festival!

This is very exciting!
I made a poster for fun.
There is an official poster coming soon.
The festival is a three day music showcase.
Check the website for official line-up thus far!

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Free Radio on CFRC

Free Radio set list  May 7/11

www.Cfrc.ca for the archive

101.9Fm for those in Kingston

James Knight and the Butlers                      Funky Cat
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings                Better Things
All The People                                           Cramp Your Style
Chi-Lites                                                    Power to the People
Soul Jazz Orchestra                                    Secousse Soukous
Soul Jazz Orchestra                                    Little Havana
Frank Williams                                           Spanish Flyer
D-Rock Mix                                               Mix
D-Rock Mix                                               Mix
Presswon                                                   Strike
Rembetika Hipsters                                    Snakes at the Euxine
George Symonette                                     Dont touch me tomato
Afro Cuban All Stars                              

Thursday, 5 May 2011

A CAlypso Song

Calypso originated in Trinidad.
I've been listening to alot of it and the other day my buddy Corey was over and I offered him a banana.
He refused.
Then i got this first part in my head and i went with it.
I hope you enjoy. You'll have to use your imaginations for the music. I guess if you dont know calypso look it up so you can get a feel for the sound before you read.....

i Carve Calypso

mister Corey won’t eat my banana
no mister Corey won’t eat my banana
he picks garbage from the top like constanza
but mister Corey won’t eat my banana

          -Music break-

i tell you – political men will try to replant ya
pullin’ a veil over your eyes just to stand ya
but you are not their property
free yourself from corrupt authority

and keep it coming, yell your rights at the bad man
don’t take a plan, weave your own stand to stem some
the drummer strums hums- a sun chant to move from
and finds a journey in the quicksand hold up

no mister I will not take a lump sum
I trade the plums, one more week in the may sun
I wouldn’t come over and tell you what to do
But now I’ll say choose a more peaceful pursuit

and keep it coming, yell your rights at the bad man
don’t take a plan, weave your own stand to stem some
the drummer strums hums- a sun chant to move from
and finds a journey in the quicksand hold up

fisherman hears calypso at sunrise
the bats hear it as it echoes in the night sky
and by the fire on the beach we can reach you
to tell a story, leave a mark, take a chance to

and keep it coming yell your rights at the bad man
don’t take a plan, weave your own stand to stem some
the drummer strums hums- a sun chant to move from
and on the way finds a journey in the quicksand hold up


I host a radio show at CFRC (in Kingston)...101.9FM or CFRC.CA worldwide.
I ve been planning on posting the set lists for the show but havent yet. But i will, maybe starting this coming week.
I also have some new collages that im going to post up soon.


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Below are sum pictures/ scans of by collages!

I got to borrow some technology from corey today.

yey, thanks corey.

so now here are scanned and photographed pictures of some of the collages ive made over the last 8 months or so.,..

some are posters for shows, covers for zines, pages in zines, random collages for no reason, some are upside down (sorry)


oh yeah, and some go with poems/ songs so i will add those when im not hogging corey;s computer while he waits to do school stuff...

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Blogger Buzz: Blogger integrates with Amazon Associates

Sunday, 10 April 2011

A random Entry

Today is Sunday. I'm working 'til midnight

I 've almost finished the song i wrote the other day.
here it is up to now...

Solstice in the Vine

When I'm on my way
I see scarecrows
Scapegoats trying to lead me astray
But it aint news to me to keep a sharp, steady head
why would i want to be a robot instead?

I have a brain that thinks
And i can blink
Neutral networks; infiniti on the brink
Somteimes you can find the ground and sink
It may be news to you- you choose solace or a holy stink

You're on your way now
I see it surrounds you
double rainbow, astronaut gnomes drip virtue

There is a rapture, a grail grind of the mind
Occurances of eppiphany find solstace in the vine
Please find a reciprocal place
leave a trace, if we are not together we are diplaced

When you're on your way
you'll see arrows
narrow gateways to ancient streams
feed the seed belief residces inside the mind
leave these made-up paradigm screens behind

You're on your way now
I see it surrounds you
double rainbow, astronaut gnomes drip virtue

this week i have been steaping myself in afrobeat,
listening to Hugh Masakela, Fela Kuti, Soul Jazz Orchestra, Budos Band, and more....it has been very relaxing. I find afrobeat very calming and organic.

Ive also been doing alot of open mics: i did common ground open mic on Sunday, Brandee's on Tuesday, and Grad Club open mic on Wednesday..... so far this coming week i think it'll just be Brandee's.

here are some pieces of songs ive been working on.
Usually after a night of random jamming on the guitar with paper around, i have a bunch of songs started but unfinished. Sometimes they're left for a year and then i find them and do something with them. Other times, they are left behind and never seen again. And sometimes the next day i get into that same groove and complete sum songs from the night before. I have no clue what will happen to these , but now at least they will live on here and if i forget about them i'll know where to find them...

*funk riff*

im gonna lay it down tonight
funkafied dressed up boogie delight
i dont care who's wrong or right
i do my thing and there's not need to fight
shake it down, drop the sour face
there's no better place to cure you then in the music space

East Coast Pirate Song (Drifter's Life For Me)

looking out from shore
we found our lives a bore
so we sailed to sea to find our fee
 to the life that'd give us more

we sat down by the fire
sharpin' plans we would conspire
yeah the shore line broke and the pleasant folk
they rode out in a bellied choir :

"it's a drifter's life for me
give me rags and let me be
for a luxury's game brings you nothin but fame
and a sore head all the same"

the mother of tha land
she gave us barley from her hand
but the caves were chilly for the folks unwilling
so we left and made new plans

Some treasure's never found
some treasure's underground
some treasure's worth nothin
to greedy little muffin
who's just looking to be crown'd

"it's a drifter's life for me
give me rags and let me be
for a luxury's game brings you nothin but fame
and a sore head all the same"


Ben had his way all the time.
He slipped into consiousness once and a while
There's no time here to talk about his rudimentary style
when he came around there was a whisper that spread for miles


im gonna try to get sum pictures of my collages on here soon.
i dont have a scanner or internet though so it may be difficult.
we'll see i guess

sorry if this entry sux

i have been busy

when the light s dim and your mind flickers like a flame
i'll be around to remind you of your name

i saw him in a dream
he said 'where you going to now?"
I shrugged my shoulders
he tipped his hat and bowed
ten days later
he came back smiling
he said 'if you're not living
you're too busy dying"

keep an eye out for JukeBox County- a band that will be hittin the city this summer.


Friday, 1 April 2011

A wink within a blink

If you are reading this Dan, dont worry, you are not a robot. Nor are you trapped in a black hole.
Let the music lend a hand and we will create art at the crash site.

I would like to be remembered as an inventor of sanwiches.

cinnamin goes well with toast and honey. but when you pull out the honey and cream cheese on toast, leave the cinnamin out!

i'll tell you a story about a man named Joyce
you could see angel gypsy birds when he used his voice
he was the tour of the town in a balloon rolls royce
but he'd trade it in for a monkey if he ever got the choice.

is it fact or fiction that way you utilize your diction to form predictions in my head?
don't hynotize the soldiers, they are easily led.. they are timid and impressionable. they stand in single file and do jumping jacks in unison.

if limestone can turn into a monster, kingston is fucked.
jack grace wears  a hat- that could not have been him.
he peeked in the door but didnt come in.
he's playing here in a week or so.
new york city is about 8 hours away (that's where he's from)
one time i saw him on stage with luther wright.
they played a neil young song.
i sang along but i didnt know the words.

im a one man line, standing by the door.
inside the karaokee kings and queens
scream their heart-felt song choices
free birds trace the stars and raise the bar for
the next generation

dog-walker give me a sign

long jam
suffering and smiling
strut organ
party !! (two)

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Hillbilly Tabletop

Similar to the entry below, this one is the product of a night out with a folded piece of paper in my pocket.
I saw a 'psycho-billy' band from Jasper (The Grave Mistakes) at the mansion and then made my way elsewhere. When i got home, i grabbed my guitar and wrote a song. That song is also included here. Enjoy this random entry.

Psychobilly spottings in Jasper.
Keep the beats steamed,
lace the charcoal with frozen flames.
Share a moment on the dancefloor-
you wanna talk fondly of the past
so learn to relax
there are pyramids crumbling all the time
so dont get too bent out of shapre Frank.

Dear Laurie:
why did you have to kill the buzz?
why say life aint worth the fuss?
Who told you you were the gate-keeper to the 'legit circumstance'?
who whirled you in with occassional lucid flights of fantasy flood waves in your brain?
It's Wednesday night in Kingston,
so why can't it be the weekend?

YOur stage banter strove for more, mister murphy.
dont worry misses murphy, no one really noticed.
they were focused on the broken speakers.
the young man's sneakers leaked through most drowned out sounds.
i know the town hounds you, miss murphy-
i know they find you day and night without a right or reason -
no predictable season for the hunt.
I know miss murphy that being the brunt of projection's front
could never be desired or required in a life's juncture or plot
but you are all they've got

i heard a story about a man who took a picture every 5 seconds but he died before the film developed.

bass player's got a hate on for the sound guy.
these letters arrive out of nowhere
steampunk bandits
chesterfield shuffle
rocksteady infantry
dig it

writer's block
out for a smoke
stroker ace (ween)
unseen obstructions of diss-ease
through the window i have sacred inventions to proceed towards un tapped creed
raga speed
elapsed belief

And now the song...

When I'm on my way i see
                   Scapegoats trying to lure me astray
But it aint news to me to keep a sharp steady head
                            why would i want to be a robot instead?
I have a brain that thinks
and i can blink
                      neural network; infinite on the brink
sometimes you can find the ground and sink
    could be news to you you choose solace or a holy stink
There's a rapture,
                                  a grail grind of mind
Occurances of eppiphany find solstice in the vine
              Please combine a reciprocal place
Leave a trace if we are not together
we are displaced.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ghetto Expression

When i go out i usually bring a folded piece of paper with me in my pocket in case i'm in the mood for some writing. This usually brings strange looks but i am very used to that. Whenever i go to the Toucan on Mondays and Ghetto Express (a local funk band) is playing, the words pour out due to the high level of funk jammin'. Last night, i had a piece of paper. I walked after work to the Toucan, then to the Brass, then home. Some inspiration came from Heineken, Moosehead, and Creemore (in reverse order). I am going to post all of the contents of the paper here. Some i cant read but i will try my best to preserve the order and content.
here it goes...

place it in the biscuit cowbell filter
sudden mojo reactions mesh,
 whereby the taste sweetens and themes brighten,
flourishing trends bend into focus, cascading overturning epiphanies in check and right on time.
i wrote a message in the sand with my finger like a turtle transforming the soft surface of sand, leaving only the breeze to wash away its trail

folding past raptures tied in fictional refuge
back up vocals in the blues jukebox crying solo
saxaphone rhumba
guitar calypso
look into the drummer's eyes
join constructive conversation
the bass shakes the ground even if you can't hear it
dont lose that last 2 dollars
purchase the electric organ

the nervous dance
 the disco stance
underground romance collectively entranced from within.
drop the harlequin drapes, supersitions rape souls

truth transcends; you dont need to justify it

i dont think they know what's at stake
yesterday's the day (and every other) before today

an empty page is intimidating

an outsider's what i shall be

bananas and blow

take it: write your biography and count me in
ken kesey said it's a movie

a drip of wind concealed as a flake

calypso catterpillars

bridge / chorus

...in response to a news clip...

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

new songs

here are some new songs that ive written recently.
I performed them at the midnight magic rodeo show on saturday. It was a great show, with a revolving door of poetry, class act and karli g., das beats, hit the pedestrian, and the responsables.

here are the songs. the first one i did alone, the second one i did with das beats backing me up. thanks!


I’m going where the chilly winds blow
I don’t care if it snows
I’m heading out ‘cause I dream
And you know what I mean

Words form the wise
Don’t stay inside
Roam the country side

Relax your mind
There is still time
Climb the hillside glide

I may be outta my head
But it’s still being fed
By the streets that I stroll
And the people that know

They’re passin’ through
Right into you
Take the hilltop view

See from the top
Feel from the ground
Find what can’t be found

I might be misunderstood
But then I think that I should
We can’t adapt to a time
That’s filled with hatred and blind

Combine your eyes
Try not to buy
The life that gets you high

Go from within
We can all win
A prize we all supply

And we never knew when
This life would come to an end
But you can treat it like gold
To live a life that ‘aint sold

Do unto you
Let it be truth
Take time to renew

Let it pass through
maybe a few
craft righteous hullabaloo

Jim's Story

Jim woke up in outer space
Cosmic debris brushin’ by his face

The broken earth passed underneath in pieces
Jim was over-whelmed with teary sneezes

He floated in between the stars and moon
Knowing that hypoxia would take him out soon

He got taken by a lazer-beam
Two minutes later met the alien queen

I tell the story it may seem obscene
But I flew by on my space chariot machine
It was announced on the front page screen
The last earthling got to meet the alien queen

She shared a story of the universe
Little known fact, she said the earth was cursed

It took the brunt of a victimless crime
She said her life travels spanned conceivable time

Many hopes and fields of green,
Blue ocean whales at first so serene

But the hunt for the prize kept corroding the scene
Space octopuses now can’t be seen around here

I tell the story it may seem far-fetched
But Jim heard her words and his mind was stretched
They took to foreign lands light-years away
One planet spawned ostrich camels and had a five second day

Solar winds for aerolite kites
Celestial sandbanks warmed by green sunlight

Loss of gravity and loss of mind
Jim begged the queen to be left behind

I tell the story it may seem like fiction
But rebirth, she said is the oldest tradition
She gathered pieces and molded one more
Placed Jim in front of his old back door

She gave a warning, said it one last time
Jim’s to tell the people: drop the I, me, mine

So he tells the story and it may be too soon
But he yells it out with grandpa in the afternoon

people hear his words but they have no time
they reach into their pockets and throw him a dime

jim knows the queen watches from her cosmic thrown
watching the people approach the danger zone

a few more days and she’ll lose her desire
to save them from throwing themselves into the fire

I tell the storey it may seem rehearsed
But the alien queen said the earth is cursed
They tear into her, make a surplus fuss
Before it ends I hope jim gets a hold of one of us

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

here's a song ive been working on for a while. Thanks to Corey for helping out with the chords.


Theres a party on the sidewalk
In the news today
There’s tommy at the bus stop
He said to say hey

I see people selling nothing
Others giving it for free
Selling souls by the dozen
People changin’ what they see

The sidewalk sale is over
People are chilling by their traps
Trippin on vitamins and
Socially acceptable snacks

There’s long tall Sally
Buying sneakers at the shop
She says people love her madly
And they don’t know wneh to stop

Little bobby’s at the drugstore
Scammin doctors by the hour
Yeah he always needs a bit more
He’s throwing pennies off the tower

Toss a nickle in the fountain
Make a wish for peggy sue
She’s driftin in her blind spot
She’s got a reckless point of view

Peggy sue, peggy sue
We never wanna lose you
Yes it’s true, yes it’s true
We’ve lost track of the time for you

The sidewalk sale is over
People are chilling by their traps
Trippin on vitamins and
Socially acceptable snacks

Tricky tracey’s off her rocker
She’s got some books on her shelf
She’s telling stories from the cellar
About her long lost wealth

And if you wanna sing with her
Well go ahead
You’re making up the rules
You’ll see her out all night
Amongst the beggars and fools

Mad Maggy’s on the corner
Spinning tricks for a hit
She knows her job’s gonna kill her
But she cant afford to quit

And if you wanna sing with her
Well go ahead
Perhaps she’ll sing along
You’ll see her out all night
Mixing her rights with her wrongs

Peggy sue, peggy sue
We never wanna lose you
Yes it’s true, yes it’s true
We’ve lost track of the time for you

Billy’s looking froa a free ride
He’s been anxious all his life
He lost some marbles on the inside
He’s got a make-believe wife

And if you wanna sing with him
Well go ahead
Perhaps he’ll sing along
You’ll see him out all night
He’s trying to finish this song

The sidewalk sale is over
People are chilling by their traps
Trippin on vitamins and
Socially acceptable snacks

Monday, 14 March 2011

Some Songs

Today is a good day for no particular reason. In fact, it should be a bad day considering im at work and im tired and broke etc. but for some reason that's how i am- content. Too many people complain.

Here are some songs.

I wrote this one a while ago. I like it. I'm hoping to make a video for it before the next Hallowe'en. I'd like to get a video camera and film some of the circus when it comes to town. I 'll update whether that happens or not.

Cursed Circus

Circus came to town yesterday
Tons o’ fun games but I wont play
A warewolf’s loose and on the prowl
Someone’s gone missing about ev’ry hour

The cursed circus took over my town
I saw a fire-breathing gnome and an evil clown
Freaky witch screaming from the forest at night
Vampires only need one clean bite

Think I’m gonnna stay in for a while
Joinin’ cursed circuses ‘aint my style
I saw an alligator man and fortune tellers who coerce
Don’t want poisoned lasagna or voodoo lady’s curse.
My dog got eaten by a giant frog
A wizard turned my sister into a log
All I can do is bar up the doors
Prep silver bullets, put garlic on the floor

The cursed circus took over my town
I saw a fire-breathing gnome and an evil clown
Freaky witch screaming from the forest at night
Vampires only need one clean bite

My dad keeps sayin’ he’s rousin up the town
Gonna take the evil circus down
Pitchforks and crosses, secret meetings underground
Planning a way past the grizzly wolfhounds
This may be the last letter I write
Dad says I’m too young but I’m ‘gonna fight
It seems to be the only option for me
Seems the only way for us people to be free

The cursed circus just took over my town
I saw a fire-breathing gnome and an evil clown
Freaky witch screaming from the forest at night
Vampires only need one clean bite

This is a new one i 'm still working on. It'll probably change but i got the chorus started last night which im happy about. Enjoy. It's a sort of folky sounding song...

Untitled Thus Far

Janie came down on the subway track
a hundred letters in her bag were stacked
Janie came down on the subway track
tossed her bag and headed on back

Billy won't you get going outta here
You're eyes are spears and laced with fear
Billy won't you get goin outta here
you rough my shirt and spill my beer

chorus: It's time to change the scene
actors, scripts, and the means,
myths are running out of steam
sacre rites seem obscene

Ted boy just keep talking like that
Let us know just where you're at
Ted boy just keep talking like that
spreading those words underneath that hat

Preacher won't you open your eyes to see
Preacher won't you set yourself free
Preacher won't you open you eyes to see
all the unlooked realities

It's time to change the scene
actors, scripts, and the means
myths are running out of steam
sacred rights seem obscene

Transcend the chains inside your head
Manifest chenge inside your head
transcend the chains inside your head
knowledgable people they can't be led

Janie came down on the subway track
a hundred letters in her bag were stacked
Janie came down on the subway track
tossed her bag and headed on back

I think im going to write something about songwriting on this blog soon because everyone writes songs differently and i think it'd be fun to talk about the process.

ONe more song for now...

this one is a sort of east coast pirate song. there's no music for it yet

A Drifter’s Life (For Me)

Lookin out from shore
We thought our lives a bore
So we sailed to sea
To find our fee
To the life that’d give us more

We sat down by the fire
Shapin’ plans we would conspire
But the shore line broke
And the pleasant folk
They rode out in a bellied choir:

its a drifters life for me
Give me rags an’ let me be
For a luxury’s game
Wins ya nothing but fame
And a sore head all the same

And the mother of tha land
She gave us barley from her hand
But the caves were chilly
For the folks unwilling
So we left and made new plans

Some treasure’s never found
Some treasure’s underground
Some treasure’s worth nothin’
To a greedy lil’ muffin
Who’s just lookin’ to be crown’d

its a drifters life for me
Give me rags an’ let me be
For a luxury’s game
Wins ya nothing but fame
And a sore head all the same

Sunday, 13 March 2011


Sandwich suggestion: avacado and tomato with some babaganouj (spelling) on toast.

Drink suggestion: watered down juice.

Song Suggestion: Sunday Morning by Velvet Underground

Cereal: Mix Life cereal with Raisin Bran

Mood suggestion: Happy Go Lucky- smile at strangers, talk to random people, hop over puddles, take the long way home.

People suggestion: Joseph Campbell, Aldous Huxley, Ken Kesey

Quote of the week: 'if you're too drunk to bake the hash you're too drunk to smoke it"

i want sushi

Friday, 11 March 2011

Top Ten Ween Songs...

Ween is one of the best bands ever- they span genres like no other and they have a cool back story (they have a demond god Boognish).
Ween can be a bit overwhelming to the un-Brown-ed mind- they have about 9 studio albums and four live albums...so where to start? If you are like most people and dont buy albums anymore, you are most likely intertested in songs before you take a crazy risk like buying a record. So here are my top ten favorite Ween songs!

10. Awsome Sound- Off of The Pod album (but a better version is on All Request Live)
9. Monique The Freak- Off of Shinola Vol.1 (not an official album but an outtakes disk)- imagine Prince and Daft Punk in a funky, sexy song ...and then listen to this song and see how close it gets to your imagined version.
8.Pollo Asado- Off of The Pod- Chimichanga! I needn't say more. But i will- they were high on scotchguard while making this album- do not attempt this at home!
7. If you Could Save Yourself (You'd save us all)- Off of Quebec- epic-best line in the song= "the wheels fell off, bottom dropped out, the cheques all bounced, i came in your mouth..."
6.  Bananas and Blow- Off White Pepper - imaging being stranded on an island with bananas and blow- could be worse- great song, very carribean, great imagery...
5. Never Squeal - Off of God Ween Satan- a great song because the lyrics are fun and there is a chain saw in it! Jazzy!
4.Your Party- La Cucaracha- Very sophisticated, highly entertaining song. So serious but very ween.
3. Cold Blows The Wind- The Pod- this is like an old traditional song- i think of long black veil when i hear it.
2. Gabrielle- Shinola Volume 1- This is a Thin Lizzy tribute, it sounds just like them. Its one of Thin Lizzy and Weens greatest songs for sure!
1. Mister Richard Smoker- Twelve Golden Country Greats- Im not a huge fan of country, but this album is great. They went to Nashville and recorded with some pretty legit. musicians. They capture the essence of country music but add a ween hugh to it. I like this song because it is a bit much but i love the instrumental jam. Go Ween!


http://www.songfacts.com/ - a copol site with some random song facts (both fictional and real) check it out!

Be Creative: Let Your Brain Breath a Bit

          Originally Published in CFRC’s ‘Listen Up’ Zine Jan. 2009

          People are always telling me I’m creative. I don’t think I am. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that I don’t think that I am more creative than anyone else. I think that people disregard their own ability to be creative. Creativity, I think, is a skill that can be practiced. It is valuable, whether you are into architecture, scientific research, art, literature, or your own day-to-day living and problem solving. Here are a few tips to keep your creative juices flowing.
          For starters, it’s always good to have a project on the go. For example, start a comic strip, film, book, or write a song or play. You can also find an established medium (like a magazine, art gallery, or radio station)and get involved with it. This is a good way to start because it’s hard to be creative when you have nothing to be creative for.
          It’s important to realize that our thoughts can fall into habitual patterns. This wont help you at all! Your thought patterns and perceptions are changeable. Don’t get trapped in them! You need to change your perceptions and try to do things in a unique way, no matter how monotonous they may seem. This will get your brain used to finding novelty in stimulus.
          It’s good to have a base to move off from. Try to build skills, explore and have positive motivation. Creativity also sometimes means taking risks and relying on a little ‘serendipity’ – because sometimes things just come together and ideas show up, seemingly out of nowhere.
It’s important to document ideas when you have them. Inspiration can come at any time, so make sure that you always have a pad of paper or sketch pad or whatever you need to jot the idea down. You might all of a sudden have some random song lyrics in your head and if you don’t write them down you might lose them. Salvador Dahli had a conrtraption that woke him up after he fell asleep and he would incorporate the dreamy visuals that came to him into his paintings.
          The use of stream of conciousness, flow, and improvisation are also good ways to get ideas and to excersize the creative muscles in your brain. I like to just write without thinking sometimes. It gives you a good base of raw ideas that you can work off from. You never know what will come out and it just might be useful. It’s also therepeutic just to get things out.
          Creativity is sometimes defined as finding a new link between two or more things. So it can be useful to introduce new ideas into your head to see what combination it will come up with. So pick words or images from a hat, look up words in a dictionary or thesaurus, or ask strangers questions and see what you can combine and create from that.
          It’s important to seek out other as well. I find that inspiration is sometimes reciprocal, so let your friends be your muses. They can challenge you to come up with new ideas that bounce off of their own. Brainstorming is also a good way to stimulate your creative brain.
          If you’re looking to get new ideas out, it is important to try new things and to go to new places. You never know what you’ll see in a new environment. And once again, please remember to feed your head. You brain will sort it into some web of thoughts and the raw information might work well with some other information that you already have in there.
          One more important thing: your ideas or creations do not have to be perfect. I’ve noticed that over the years the percentage of useful content I come up with overall has increased. But there is always crap! No one can produce amazing stuff all of the time. You need to work at it. Be patient. The important part is that you do it without caring about whether it will suck or what people will think. Just do it. You can filter it out later.
          Creativity is useful not only in the artistic realm, but in our own problem solving and in any career or life situation we may find ourselves in. So keep this in mind and think of your own ways to get things flowing. Your tired brain will thank you.