Thursday, 31 March 2011

Hillbilly Tabletop

Similar to the entry below, this one is the product of a night out with a folded piece of paper in my pocket.
I saw a 'psycho-billy' band from Jasper (The Grave Mistakes) at the mansion and then made my way elsewhere. When i got home, i grabbed my guitar and wrote a song. That song is also included here. Enjoy this random entry.

Psychobilly spottings in Jasper.
Keep the beats steamed,
lace the charcoal with frozen flames.
Share a moment on the dancefloor-
you wanna talk fondly of the past
so learn to relax
there are pyramids crumbling all the time
so dont get too bent out of shapre Frank.

Dear Laurie:
why did you have to kill the buzz?
why say life aint worth the fuss?
Who told you you were the gate-keeper to the 'legit circumstance'?
who whirled you in with occassional lucid flights of fantasy flood waves in your brain?
It's Wednesday night in Kingston,
so why can't it be the weekend?

YOur stage banter strove for more, mister murphy.
dont worry misses murphy, no one really noticed.
they were focused on the broken speakers.
the young man's sneakers leaked through most drowned out sounds.
i know the town hounds you, miss murphy-
i know they find you day and night without a right or reason -
no predictable season for the hunt.
I know miss murphy that being the brunt of projection's front
could never be desired or required in a life's juncture or plot
but you are all they've got

i heard a story about a man who took a picture every 5 seconds but he died before the film developed.

bass player's got a hate on for the sound guy.
these letters arrive out of nowhere
steampunk bandits
chesterfield shuffle
rocksteady infantry
dig it

writer's block
out for a smoke
stroker ace (ween)
unseen obstructions of diss-ease
through the window i have sacred inventions to proceed towards un tapped creed
raga speed
elapsed belief

And now the song...

When I'm on my way i see
                   Scapegoats trying to lure me astray
But it aint news to me to keep a sharp steady head
                            why would i want to be a robot instead?
I have a brain that thinks
and i can blink
                      neural network; infinite on the brink
sometimes you can find the ground and sink
    could be news to you you choose solace or a holy stink
There's a rapture,
                                  a grail grind of mind
Occurances of eppiphany find solstice in the vine
              Please combine a reciprocal place
Leave a trace if we are not together
we are displaced.

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