Saturday, 4 June 2011

Free Radio Set List (June 4/11)

10pm Saturdays on or 101.9FM on your old school radio device.

Yuka                                                   Dirty Bird
Mackenzie Rhythm Section              Acabo
Ween                                                  Monique the Freak
Rolling Stones                                   Shake Your Hips
Brian Jonestown Massacre               Who fuckin pissed in my well
SoulJazz Orhcestra                            BBQ ribs and Fried Chicken
Yuka                                                  Slow Grove
(above song with some timothy leary dialogue)
Naomi Shelton / Gospel Queens       What have you Done
Brian Jonestown Massacre                Tempo 116.7
(above song mixed with random moon talk)
Robert Johnson                                   Come on in my kitchen
The Blue Rhythm Boys                      Crazy Mixed up World
Ween                                                  Your Party

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