Monday, 13 June 2011

Mister Fix-it

I wrote this song with my daughter on Saturday.
It it the first official song that we wrote together.
There will be more.
I dit it.

Silly mister fix-it
he works on it all
from the toy factory
to the upscale mall

come right here
we want a souvenire
do you have one mister fix-it?

he fixes the piano and the bell
he fixes our bass drum really really well
he fixes our house; the roof and the bed
he mends our staircase and our broken heads

but thats not all
theres more to be done
will he have time to fix the mo(u)rning sun?

i dont know
time will show
ask the crow
by the crooked rainbow

everything's slanted in the world today
so mister fix-it has a busy day
he works with a hammer and a wrench
and has the world's biggest work bench

you did it mister fix-it!
you're almost done
if people were numbers, you'd be number 1!

when the harmonica breaks
theres alot at stake
the band keeps playing
and for goodness sakes

hopefully he'll show up
and place it back together
he makes a hundred calls a day
no matter what the weather

oh mister fix-it
you're tired and sore
who's gonna fix ya
when you can't fix no more?

we'll help out
thats what its all about
give us a shout!
we can all help out!

you pay your dues
dog chews the fuse
you make it in the news
you're the one we choose

you clear our eyes of tears
you steer us from our fears
the sky waits for years
for you to take ahold and steer

mr fix-it, you really pulled through
you saved the zebra at the downtown zoo
you saved us too
re-patched my shoes
cured my blues
with a fresh point of view

thanks mister fix -it


This one isn't quite done yet but i figured i would post it as it is so far...

Old king cole
Help a bucket on his toe
Kept his laces real tight
And stayed up all night

The servants had to keep up
With his surly disposition
The people kept up to date
With his daily transitions

Old mother goose
Couldn’t choose the next rhyme
Running out of time
She must have stolen one of mine

‘Cause the lady in the boot
Said she stashed her stack of loot
Leaving town, touchin’ down
With her techni-colored suit

Jack chased Jill and they fell down the hill
I said hey diddle diddle they cracked the cat’s fiddle
And the spoon and dish made a wish upon the moon
For little miss muffet but it came too soon

Humpty dumpty broke down today
Jumped off a fence because he couldn’t have his way

Mary broke the rules
Stole a lamb from the fools
3 bags of wool
Sat on a hickory stool


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