Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ghetto Expression

When i go out i usually bring a folded piece of paper with me in my pocket in case i'm in the mood for some writing. This usually brings strange looks but i am very used to that. Whenever i go to the Toucan on Mondays and Ghetto Express (a local funk band) is playing, the words pour out due to the high level of funk jammin'. Last night, i had a piece of paper. I walked after work to the Toucan, then to the Brass, then home. Some inspiration came from Heineken, Moosehead, and Creemore (in reverse order). I am going to post all of the contents of the paper here. Some i cant read but i will try my best to preserve the order and content.
here it goes...

place it in the biscuit cowbell filter
sudden mojo reactions mesh,
 whereby the taste sweetens and themes brighten,
flourishing trends bend into focus, cascading overturning epiphanies in check and right on time.
i wrote a message in the sand with my finger like a turtle transforming the soft surface of sand, leaving only the breeze to wash away its trail

folding past raptures tied in fictional refuge
back up vocals in the blues jukebox crying solo
saxaphone rhumba
guitar calypso
look into the drummer's eyes
join constructive conversation
the bass shakes the ground even if you can't hear it
dont lose that last 2 dollars
purchase the electric organ

the nervous dance
 the disco stance
underground romance collectively entranced from within.
drop the harlequin drapes, supersitions rape souls

truth transcends; you dont need to justify it

i dont think they know what's at stake
yesterday's the day (and every other) before today

an empty page is intimidating

an outsider's what i shall be

bananas and blow

take it: write your biography and count me in
ken kesey said it's a movie

a drip of wind concealed as a flake

calypso catterpillars

bridge / chorus

...in response to a news clip...

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