Tuesday, 22 March 2011

new songs

here are some new songs that ive written recently.
I performed them at the midnight magic rodeo show on saturday. It was a great show, with a revolving door of poetry, class act and karli g., das beats, hit the pedestrian, and the responsables.

here are the songs. the first one i did alone, the second one i did with das beats backing me up. thanks!


I’m going where the chilly winds blow
I don’t care if it snows
I’m heading out ‘cause I dream
And you know what I mean

Words form the wise
Don’t stay inside
Roam the country side

Relax your mind
There is still time
Climb the hillside glide

I may be outta my head
But it’s still being fed
By the streets that I stroll
And the people that know

They’re passin’ through
Right into you
Take the hilltop view

See from the top
Feel from the ground
Find what can’t be found

I might be misunderstood
But then I think that I should
We can’t adapt to a time
That’s filled with hatred and blind

Combine your eyes
Try not to buy
The life that gets you high

Go from within
We can all win
A prize we all supply

And we never knew when
This life would come to an end
But you can treat it like gold
To live a life that ‘aint sold

Do unto you
Let it be truth
Take time to renew

Let it pass through
maybe a few
craft righteous hullabaloo

Jim's Story

Jim woke up in outer space
Cosmic debris brushin’ by his face

The broken earth passed underneath in pieces
Jim was over-whelmed with teary sneezes

He floated in between the stars and moon
Knowing that hypoxia would take him out soon

He got taken by a lazer-beam
Two minutes later met the alien queen

I tell the story it may seem obscene
But I flew by on my space chariot machine
It was announced on the front page screen
The last earthling got to meet the alien queen

She shared a story of the universe
Little known fact, she said the earth was cursed

It took the brunt of a victimless crime
She said her life travels spanned conceivable time

Many hopes and fields of green,
Blue ocean whales at first so serene

But the hunt for the prize kept corroding the scene
Space octopuses now can’t be seen around here

I tell the story it may seem far-fetched
But Jim heard her words and his mind was stretched
They took to foreign lands light-years away
One planet spawned ostrich camels and had a five second day

Solar winds for aerolite kites
Celestial sandbanks warmed by green sunlight

Loss of gravity and loss of mind
Jim begged the queen to be left behind

I tell the story it may seem like fiction
But rebirth, she said is the oldest tradition
She gathered pieces and molded one more
Placed Jim in front of his old back door

She gave a warning, said it one last time
Jim’s to tell the people: drop the I, me, mine

So he tells the story and it may be too soon
But he yells it out with grandpa in the afternoon

people hear his words but they have no time
they reach into their pockets and throw him a dime

jim knows the queen watches from her cosmic thrown
watching the people approach the danger zone

a few more days and she’ll lose her desire
to save them from throwing themselves into the fire

I tell the storey it may seem rehearsed
But the alien queen said the earth is cursed
They tear into her, make a surplus fuss
Before it ends I hope jim gets a hold of one of us

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