Friday, 11 March 2011

Top Ten Ween Songs...

Ween is one of the best bands ever- they span genres like no other and they have a cool back story (they have a demond god Boognish).
Ween can be a bit overwhelming to the un-Brown-ed mind- they have about 9 studio albums and four live where to start? If you are like most people and dont buy albums anymore, you are most likely intertested in songs before you take a crazy risk like buying a record. So here are my top ten favorite Ween songs!

10. Awsome Sound- Off of The Pod album (but a better version is on All Request Live)
9. Monique The Freak- Off of Shinola Vol.1 (not an official album but an outtakes disk)- imagine Prince and Daft Punk in a funky, sexy song ...and then listen to this song and see how close it gets to your imagined version.
8.Pollo Asado- Off of The Pod- Chimichanga! I needn't say more. But i will- they were high on scotchguard while making this album- do not attempt this at home!
7. If you Could Save Yourself (You'd save us all)- Off of Quebec- epic-best line in the song= "the wheels fell off, bottom dropped out, the cheques all bounced, i came in your mouth..."
6.  Bananas and Blow- Off White Pepper - imaging being stranded on an island with bananas and blow- could be worse- great song, very carribean, great imagery...
5. Never Squeal - Off of God Ween Satan- a great song because the lyrics are fun and there is a chain saw in it! Jazzy!
4.Your Party- La Cucaracha- Very sophisticated, highly entertaining song. So serious but very ween.
3. Cold Blows The Wind- The Pod- this is like an old traditional song- i think of long black veil when i hear it.
2. Gabrielle- Shinola Volume 1- This is a Thin Lizzy tribute, it sounds just like them. Its one of Thin Lizzy and Weens greatest songs for sure!
1. Mister Richard Smoker- Twelve Golden Country Greats- Im not a huge fan of country, but this album is great. They went to Nashville and recorded with some pretty legit. musicians. They capture the essence of country music but add a ween hugh to it. I like this song because it is a bit much but i love the instrumental jam. Go Ween! - a copol site with some random song facts (both fictional and real) check it out!

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